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property agent singapore
2007 - Present Propnex Realtor
10 year professional in Singapore real estate, I can help you to choose the “best” property in Singapore for your needs – whether you are an experienced investor, first time buyer or a foreigner looking to move into Singapore. My professional service will guide you through the whole process from – finding the best property for you, negotiating the best price, making an offer and closing the deal. I am here to guide you through the full process of making the best real estate decision in your life, why delay contact me today.
高級的商業/工業经纪 成就奖 2015
10 年经纪大使
顶级经纪  2010
顶级经纪  2009
10年在新加坡房地產的專業,我可以根据您的需求幫你選擇“最佳”新加坡的房产 – 無論你是一次或者是經驗豐富的投資者,又或者是首次置業或尋求移民到新加坡的外國人。我的專業的服務將帮助您有个愉快的 买/卖/投资 经验,- 尋找最佳的房屋 ,談判最優惠的價格,整理合約以及完成交易。我在這裡协助你做最好的房地產決策。
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Not Enough Income 

Agnes Wee want to buy a property, but her income is not match the minimum monthly installment requirement , I help her to work out financial calculation.

she has got her dream apartment and keep her life style enjoying life.

Zero Income Purchase

Kelvin Tan own a property for own stay, He wants investment a property without pay ABSD.  His wife Joe Ng , has not income.

In the end Joe Ng own a property  (NO ABSD),  they keep the own stay property. Further more  there are $88k extra in their account. 

Age Restrict for Loan

Andy Sim (age 58), he wants to buy a property for his daughter without sell his current house (almost paid off).

Now he is own 2 properties, plus he has got extra $182k in his account.


Exit Strategies

In 2007, many investors rush to invest in Sentosa. I have talked to GuoJun to invest district 10 Ardmore Park instead.  

He has earned $1.2mil from the investment. 

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